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What does the ideological make-up of the New Hampshire legislature look like? W-NOMINATE provides one view (click to enlarge):

This data was generated by W-NOMINATE, a program that uses voting records to sort legislators along the political spectrum, as described Keith Poole, Jeffrey Lewis, James Lo, and Royce Carroll in their article “Scaling Roll Call Votes with wnominate in R.” The votes being evaluated are the roll call votes for the years 2011 and 2012, available for download at – in all, 538 for the House and 239 for the Senate.

The House values correlate very strongly with the House Republican Alliance's scorecard ratings, though W-NOMINATE seems to be better at teasing apart the differences between legislators at the extremes. Here is a comparison made with 2011 data:

The program produces two axes of data, though it is not clear what the second axis measures. Keith Poole and Christopher Hare have speculated that the y-axis could be representing a spectrum of establishment vs. outsider views on the national level. I have been told that it seems to plot like-minded legislators near each other. Here is an alternate view with both axes included:

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Thanks to Andrew Carroll, former Rep. Seth Cohn (0.49, 0.78), and Jason Sorens for help with early versions of this project.

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