Friday, January 11, 2013

Politics is stupid, or, Why I stick to charts and graphs

William Tucker has some responses from prominent libertarians – Mark Warden, Tim Condon, and Steve McDonald – to the earlier drama at Blue Hampshire. No surprise, they're about on the same level as Kathy Sullivan's original post.

All three imply that the comments came from liberals masquerading as Free Staters. Because, Free Staters are gentlemen!

I must be lucky. I know both of the two accused of posting anti-cop slurs. They're definitely not liberals, and it's something both would do.

Heck, even without knowing them, I'd be more surprised if Free Staters didn't post inappropriate slurs in that thread. If you're at all involved in the Free Stater community, there's no way you can miss the steady stream of these kinds of statements.

So the allegations from these three libertarians are so embarrassing and immature that it causes me pain.

Anyway, back to charts and graphs...

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