Sunday, July 15, 2012

The new elitist, totalitarian wing of Occupy NH

Earlier today, after days of facebook flamewars, a group of approximately 15 people separated from Occupy New Hampshire, and claimed to be Occupy New Hampshire.

Oddly, this group excludes libertarians, people who don't hate libertarians, people who carry firearms, and people they don't know. As the video shows, attendees are harassed before being allowed to participate, and video is discouraged.

So much for the 99%. So much for accountability and transparency.

The leader of this attempted coup (leader? really?), in a naked power grab, removed admins from the ONH facebook group— admins who had been chosen through the legitimate consensus process— and has banned the organizers of Occupy Keene, along with other attempts at petty tyranny.

So far it sounds more like a cult than an occupy to me. I'm rooting for the other guys.

[Update: You can support the legitimate Occupy NH group by liking their new facebook page here.]

Saturday, July 7, 2012

An interview

Julia Riber Pitt, from Propaganda Lalaland, interviewed me recently as part of her series on being young in New Hampshire. Among other things, we discuss "the Rothbard man's burden" (her brilliant phrase) and Keene libertarian activism.